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Re: New Member

Carl Miller:
Do you want your information entered in the San Juan 23 Skipper list. If so, I will ned your e-mail address.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
San Juan 23 Webmaster
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-------Original Message-------
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2004 12:42:18
Subject: New Member
Hello, all! Just introducing myself as a new member of
the list.
Name: J. Carl Miller
Where: 713 Mohican Dr.; Loceland (Cincinnati), OH 45140
Type of Sailing: Day sailing, weekends, Chesapeake Bay
Boat Name: Maru Vahiné
Hull #: 445 
Year: 1979
Glad to be back in the ranks after a 6-yr exit from sailing. Over the years I have owned two previous SJ23?s; hull #373-1979 Bahama J  and
hull #267-1978 Bahama J II. Between the first two BJ23?s in 1983, we purchased and moved aboard a Golden Hind 31 built in Plymouth England 1969.
Tudor Cob made her crossing in 1982 and we caught up with her on the Chesapeake Bay where we bought her and moved aboard for a year.
Maru Vahiné (bought but not yet possessed), will be delivered this next weekend. While a bit worn on the exterior, I was delighted to find the interior in original 
condition, including new cushions still in plastic. No holes, no projects and apparently used to day sail. Needless to say, I have numerous projects/upgrades in
mind and wish to thank Bob Schimmel for his top-rate web site chucked full of excellent tips.
Maru Vahiné will be sailing in 2005 at Rocky Fork Lake in SW Ohio. God willing, a trip back to The Chesapeake Bay is planned for next fall.
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