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Misc questions and comments


A couple questions I've come across as I became more
familiar with Amarillo over the last six months....

1. Where is everyone? I haven't seen much posting the
last couple months. Is everyone trailered for the

2. I looked at the SJ23 Internet Fleet page and found
a little information about the hull serial number but
still have a couple questions. Mine is: CLKJ0260M78F.
This means it was manufactured by Clark Boats in 1978
and is hull number 260, right? Any other info to be
gleaned form this number? Also, what is the difference
between hull number and sail number?

3. Anyone have an extra Internet Fleet burgee around?

4. The Halifax Saiing Association here in Daytona
Beach is having a 4.4nm race this weekend. I know it
is short notice but just wanted to throw it out there.
You can get more info at . My
wife and I will be sailing Amarillo to last place with
the assistance of Steve (owner of SJ23-Monkey is
Sanford, FL) as crew.

5. I've been fixing stuff since I bought her. Next up:
the bow cap is falling apart. I know there are some
tech tips about this but if anyone has additional
information please share it! Also, I'm looking for a
roller furler for the jib if anyone has suggestions.

San Juan 23 #260 (I guess)

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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