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Roll Call

 I am always around except at holidays and an occasional vacation. Reading the responses to this roll call I have wondered how many skippers still find the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet webpages relevant. I know Bob Schimmel's Techtips are used, and of course this majordomo e-mail list. But does anyone use anything on the SJ webpages? And if not, is there any suggestion as to anything that would make them more relevant? If not, I should probably turn over the page to Bob Schimmel to be used for his techtips. I used to post all the e-mail exchanges thre hard way until this majordomo e-mail exchange was created by Hal Mueller and  relieved me of a great deal of manual work. And I also used to keep a tech page to post e-mails on technical stuff until Bob offered to help. And what a help his pages became to us all. If there is some better use the SJ 23 Internet Fleet pages could be put to, my feelings would not be hurt in the least. Of course they are always available to the new surfer and that may justify their existence, but I still would prefer to make them a service to San Juan 23 skippers.
Happy holidays to all of you in the event we don't chat.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."
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