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RE: forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23

Good morning Chuck

   You have to get the spelling right “TWO TACKY”  and no it wouldn’t be TWO TACKY.  I have managed to stay smart enough or whatever so as not to dump it on the ground or pollute with it.  By the way if you look close there are holidays almost every week.   Happy Holidays to you and Barbara and all of your friends and family and Happy Holidays to all of the San Juan group.


George and Jacki Farland


Sugar Land,  TX.


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Would it be too tacky of me to say it sounds like you were drinking the wine in those containers before using them for flotation? That sounds like a good idea for the holidays!


Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering


"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."


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Date: Friday, December 10, 2004 06:23:57

Subject: RE: forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23


Good Morning Dave
Several years ago a discussion was running around about floatation and
someone suggested the plastic bladders that are in wine boxes. I with a
lot of help from a friend I collected many.... They work very well as
some you blow up soft and push them into every odd shaped void in the
storage compartments. When I need additional space I start deflating
some. The same holds true when working in the boat. The forward
compartment under the V-berth is packed to the point that I screwed down
the hatch cover for the compartment. They hold up well and if some leak
after time, I just work hard at replacing them. The actual floatation
value, Bob Schimmel or some of the others would have to come up with
since years of making wine bladder flotation units has affected my
ability to calculate with measurements other than "another box". Their
weight is practically nil and they are about 1/2 a cubic foot. The
actual measurements can be taken from the inside of a wine box. If
using, take a minute to rinse out with plain water, when deflating then
can smell if you don't. If you want some wine floatation units and
don't like wine email me and we'll continue production and send them to
you. Just let know if you would like them pre-inflated or deflated.
Again years of producing has effected our ability to .............

George Farland
Sugar Land, TX.




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