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Fresh Water System questions

Amarillo has a fresh water tank mounted in the galley,
underneath the counter, off the deck. When we bought
her earlier this year, she had a non-functioning
electric pump and about 100 yards of clear plastic
tubing full of green sludge. Eager to repair this
system, I ripped out the pump and all the tubing and
tossed 'em.

Now, six months later, my wife is demanding this to be
operational. I thought that beer and rum was all that
was needed for a weekend cruise but she disagrees....

I now have an empty fresh water tank, a sink with the
drain still running to the discharge (good!), and a
spigot. Somehow I have to get all this to work. I'd
prefer not using an electric pump as that would
require fixing the electrical system too  :)  

Any suggestions on where to start and what to buy?
I've been told to get a foot pump but I'm hesitant to
start drilling and cutting to mount it. I guess I'm
just looking for ideas and experience before I head
off to West Marine...

DJ Nestrick
Amarillo - 1978 San Juan 23
Daytona Beach, FL

PS - The joys of living in Florida. My wife and I had
a beautiful sail yesterday out on the ICW. 10 knots of
wind, 60 degree air temp....

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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