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Re: Fresh Water System questions

(Anybody who brags about sailing in warm climates at this time of year doesn't deserve an answer!!!!!  It is -22C here. But then this is Xmas and I would brag too, given half a chance).

Hi David:

I like your idea of a foot pump. They usually operate nice and quiet which is great when the crew is asleep.  It's a great alternative to an electric pump. Although some people install a foot pump for sea water and an electric pump for drinking water.  By the way, you can judge the complexity of a boat by the number of pumps on board. 

Installing one through the settee wall close to the sink is not a big deal since it requires such a small hole. Make the corners slightly rounded to prevent cracks from developing.  The mounting plate of the pump should reinforce the strength of the settee wall hole.  Just make sure you install it where you are unlikely to trip on it. This is the only reason why I haven't installed one myself.  Make sure you can access it reasonably well for maintenance.

If you aren't going to repair the electrical system then remove the wiring or use it for something else.  It's amazing how quickly you forget what a particular wire is for and the last thing you need is more confusion when fixing a problem.

PS: Don't blame your wife for wanting this pump to work. Lifting water with a bucket is uncivilized.

Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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