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RE: Towing Vehicle

J. Carl, 
I recently towed my SJ23 from Raleigh, NC to Florida.  I use a Ford F250 5.4l to tow the boat.  This works fine but gas mileage when towing is in the 11 mpg range (not too good).  I would prefer a diesal simply for the better performance and the ability to use biodieasel (much better for the environment).  I am not sure the weight of my boat, trailer, and gear but I am guessing it is in the 5,000 lb range (trailer is a large tandem axle steel, heavy rig).  I would not be comfortable towing this load with a mid size truck.  I think a half ton pick-up with tow package would work OK for a SJ23.  I would make sure the tow rating of the vehicle is in the 7,000 to 8,000 lb range.  Good luck.

Danny Batten
SJ23 Willie Juan
Wake Forest, NC  

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