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Re: towing

I consternated much over this exact question befor purchasing my SJ23
(shoal draft). The boat weighs 2700lbs dry, trailor is probably 400 or
500lbs (steel tandem), and with misc equip it probably approaches 3500
very closely.  I drive a Nissan Quest mini - 150hp V6, with class II
hitch. Both the hitch and vehicle will tow 3500lbs (in theory). After
talking to everyone I could find, the prevailing opinion was to
basically try it, and if it had enough power to actually move the boat,
add a transmission cooler, and stay away from hills.

Well, bought the boat, hitched her up (had to stand on front bumper to
get front wheels on the ground), but in the end I towed her several
miles w/o a problem. I was amazed.  Probably wouldnt do something like
NC to FL, but for short hauls it seems fine.

Dave Backus

--- Rob/Linda <itsatree@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> About vehicles, we use  an F150 with a tow package rated for 6000
> lbs,a 5.4 litre V 8 and get about 15 mpg. Where we live its all up or
> down to get anywhere, both power and brakes are a consideration. 4 x
> 4 is nice to launch and pull Annie, we pull her out at the end of
> October and ramps sometimes ice up.

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