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Re: towing

I've towed Joy IV quite a bit in the past several years with a F150 5L and an automatic. This is a good load and I've been pull up 2 boat rams that I spun out on (not 4x4 obviously). An interesting thing is I run everything over a road scales (scales was unmanned) and the boat and trailor ( double axle) came in a 5000 lbs plus whatever is on the hitch of the truck. I have weighted twice now and always the same, this does not include the outboard (which is in the box of the truck.) Also truck has a class 3 hitch, so this weight should be just?? within limits, but it appears the hitch has twisted as not able to remove the square shaft and ball (think it's call the reciever). Don't think I would be going for anything lighter that a 1/2 ton with a class 3. However if it's smooth roads, once in the spring and once in the fall, I guess u could go lighter.

Have a good new year everyone
Rgds Mike

Mike and Joyce Foreman
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