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Re: Jib attachment question


I found that the tack horns aren't that reliable in that if my inexperienced crew (i.e. - students) don't keep tension on the luff of the jib it will come off of the horn as the halyard is tightened.  I drilled a hole in the flat verticle portion of the horn and installed a shackle.  I also keep a 12" pendant permanently on this shackle and use it for my smaller sails to keep it off of the deck, thanks to one of your earlier tips.  Sorry, no picture.


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From: Bob Schimmel <bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, January 3, 2005 9:55 am
Subject: Re: Jib attachment question

> Hi Eric:
> If you look at the pictures in Tech Tip B12, 
>, it 
> shows 
> where the jib tack is attached on the deck. While this boat is not 
> rigged at the time of the pictures, pretend that the nylon line 
> shown is 
> the forestay. There are two ways the jib can be attached to the deck:
>   1. Hooked around one of the tack horns.
>   2. Hooked to a clevis that is attached to the hole between the tack
>      horns.
> I like 2 because the jib cannot come off. Hope this answers your 
> question.PS: If you want a picture of the assembly email me 
> directly and I'll see 
> what I can do. Pictures cannot be sent over the SJ23 distribution.
> -- 
> Kind Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> (Always stay curious)
> bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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