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Just solved my tow problems and other boat stuff!

Well I left the house Saturday around 10:00 AM to get the oil changed on my Infiniti I35. Returned at 3:00 PM in my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a end of year special '04 with "0" miles and a full tow package and large wheels and a tow capacity rating of 6,500 lbs. I know this will work as this is my third GC and have towed my last San Juan with it but did not have quite the tow package this one has. Can't wait to hitch up.
Now an update on the boat.
  • Wiring is about done and waiting on new Blue Sea 10 circuit breaker panel to arrive.
  • Gene Adams has done a new set of drop boards and I just got his package of a complete 1/8" standing rigging package.
  • Stern pulpit is next from Gene along with his SS Mast crutch design.
  • Complete Aqua Signal lighting. Stern light will be rail mounted as will the bow bi-color. Will run wiring inside the tubing down to the deck plate which will be drilled to get wiring into cabin. Deck/running mast light will exit mast base and into a new lo-profile deck glass filled fitting that is designed for 5 wires. Using the same type fitting for the VHF. These fittings are much more water-tight than the chrome units and also much more rugged.
  • Have ordered a tiller-lock from a Canadian source that is the best design I have ever seen. And while out of business with this product owner is filling this order from parts he has. (If anyone would like a pic or additional information, give me an email - This is a very rugged design.)
  • The reason I ran across this product is the company also has a wind vane product for small boats. I am waiting for information to arrive. The Tiller-Loc is also used with the wind vane system. At the same time I have contacted a man with a small boat wind steering design built around stern-hung rudders and with outboard motors. If one of these designs turns out to be build able I may make the investment for my Chesapeake trip this September. I have used a Hydrovane before and know how this can take the strain out of a long trip (left Baltimore harbor at noon and dropped anchor 0400 next morning in St. Michaels. Best trip we ever had.... sailing under Bay Bridge at 0100 with a glass of wine and good music).
  • If anyone is interested here is a link to a Wind Steering forum:
  • Just ordered boat graphics. If interested, here is a great guy to work with. Is on the Trailer Sailor forum and runs a small business in MN. Rik's web site can be found at: While there, check out his Flicka pics. The graphics Rik is doing for me is in progress.
  • More later.
J. Carl Miller
Email: questgrp@xxxxxxx
Work: carl.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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