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Positive Floatation

Well Im back on this kick again.  Last time emailed this group about
the topic (having children on board, what to do if the worst happened:
large hole in hull), I came away with the concensous conclusion: dont
worry, be happy.  But having sailed 2 weeks ago, a mile or so out into
the Nuese River (NC) and realizing that in 55 degree water, with
outgoing tide or ebb, if the worse happened, saving someone rescueing
us, we probably wouldnt survive.  

Soooo, my thoughts before were the following: portable waterproof radio
& cell phone in waterproof 'fannypac', plus a 3 person inflatable dingy
with enough CO2 cartidges to inflate quickly, all kept handy mounted to
the stern pulpit. 

Talking with someone else, they suggested bladders tucked away in
remote storage places on the boat.

So heres the (long winded) question: how many cubic feet of 'bladder
would I need to make sure a 3000lb SJ23 wouldnt go to the bottom if the
hull cracked?

Dave Backus
SJ #642

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