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Re: Positive Floatation

David -don't worry - be happy

The chances of that happening are really remote - it is not like you are
off shore and more likely to hit w whale or a container....however, you are
wise to be concerned about hypothermia -  I am not sure that a San Juan 23
decks awash will be much use in this situation....I am in the Coast Guard
Auxiliary, and in a cold water, cold weather situation we are required to
wear "Mustang" suits - flotation plus warmth - if you are really concerned
about cold weather sailing - may I suggest a wet suit worn underneath
everything?  It is flotation plus warmth - i wear one ( a shortie with no
sleeves) when racing our SJ 21 in 'off season' races for the very reasons
you mentioned. - that plus my inflatable pfd and I believe I am in good
shape.  I do also have a personal (1 watt) submersible vhf that stays
attached to me.

Michael J. Robinson, SPHR
SJ 21 1694 Ragtop
SJ 23 363 Obi Juan

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