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Re: Trailer Brakes

I just had the brakes on my trailer repaired and I think it was 10".  My trailer is a bit oversized for the boat so I am not sure how much this helps.  I did have surge brakes on both axles but I removed one set of brakes because they were too corroded.  Now I am only using brakes on the front axle and that seems to work OK.  As soon as the weather turns pleasant, I plan to remove the hydraulic brake system from the trailer and try the new marine grade electric brakes.  The brakes have been the biggest issue with the trailer and I worry everytime I take a road trip.  I am hoping the electric system works better, is more reliable, and I can road trip with peace of mind knowing the brakes are going to work when needed.  Does anyone on this list have experience with marine electric brakes?  

Danny Batten
SJ23 Willie Juan
Wake Forest, NC

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