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Re: Trailer Brakes

I have 10" brakes on both axles of my trailer. This is standard for a 14" or 15" rim. If you have brakes on only one axle, it must be the front axle. 7" brakes are far too small for a 5000 lb load. With both axles braking there is fantastic stopping power. With the loaded trailer behind my Cherokee I can actually stop in the same distance as without the trailer. I wouldn't recommend going for land stopping records here but I was in a emergency situation where we were able to measure our stopping distance. It was just slightly longer than the empty Jeep. Thank God I could keep the rig in a straight line. Since I could have hit the brakes slightly harder I'm presuming that I could have stopped quicker. The problem with all this is the concern for the boat. You sure don't want to roll off the trailer onto the road. This makes for a real messy afternoon. Cops get kinda picky if you block the road.

I have some suggestions in the following Tech Tips,,

As far as marine brakes go, this is a good idea if you are launching in salt water. Standard brakes are also fine if you flush them with fresh water right away. There are a couple of companies out there that supply flushing kits for a trailer. Peace of mind for the next time you have to stop.

Hope this helps.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
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