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Traveler repair

My original traveler has met its end. The sheaves are busted and the cam cleats now flop around. I have no idea what kind it is since there are no markings and it rides on wheels on each side of the track and I have not found anything like it since everything today is on bearings on a slightly different style track.

SO, I am about to replace the entire traveler system…ouch this is expensive…with Harken small boat equipment.

When I put this new traveler track down, I am debating exactly what bedding/sealant to use….should I make it like it’s permanent with 3M 5200 or Sikaflex 292 or something a bit more forgiving…….I’m thinking permanent cause after I’ve pulled the galley to get to these bolts, I’m not going to be thinking about doing this again in my lifetime. Any suggestions or comments?


Thesaurus, New Bern, NC

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