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RE: Traveler repair

in my case i had to lay on my back under the counter in order to see the nuts.  the counter stopped just shy of them by maybe 2 inches.  maybe my counter wasn't origional.  i had to clip vice grips to the nuts to stop them turning and tape the nuts and washers together to put them back on, also useing vice grips inside.  it was finniky but the whole job was over in 3 hrs includeing cleaning off old sealant and new smudged sikaflex.  of course it still leaks just a little bit but as i said, i think that is due to the open time of the sikaflex in a beating sun.  that and it's a challenging thing to seal up because of the groove that runs down the underside of the track, right where the bolt holes are passing through the fiberglass.  

i've also decided i'm going to over drill the holes in the glass and line them with resin since it's so tough to seal and i thought washers between the track and glass might make the track bear more evenly on the sealant and seal around the bolts more effectively.  -scott

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