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Re: Traveler repair

Ignore my previous email.  I slipped on the "send button"

Gentlemen I have done this job and know of what you speak. 
  • Yes the water and debris collects in the track.  I actually contemplated filling the track and installing it on top. Problem is that it hurts to sit on the track so I stayed with the recessed installation.  However to ease the cleaning and to let some water flow. I shortened the track a bit so water can flow around the end and installed spacers under the track so water can flow under it.  Now only the ends hold dirt. I am still contemplating a drain hole at each end to prevent debris from accumulating. 
  • Not one of my screws was the same length owing to the varying thickness of Fiberglas. I overdrilled all the holes, filled them with epoxy and redrilled them to the correct size and place.  Some of them were drilled at an angle that strained things. I replaced all the nuts with nylock nuts and large washers. Sealed everything with Sikaflex.
  • I could have sworn I put this info in a Tech Tip, but guess I forgot.  I'll summarize all the comments in F28.

Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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