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Re: Traveler repair

There is no core under the traveler track. Clark used one length of machine screw to fasten things like the track, and broke them off after installation. Best to figure on new machine screws. I like Sika 292 caulk, because it has a long open time, and should eliminate leaks. I still thick the easy way to solve the problem, is to move the traveler to a horse so it can be assembled on a bench, and installed with four machine bolts. Less penetration, less leak potential.
Gene Adams
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From: Wes Woods
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 4:49 PM
Subject: RE: Traveler repair

Next question. Was there core in there to rot?

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Gentlemen I have done this job and know of what you speak. 
  • Yes the water and debris collects in the track.  I actually contemplated filling the track and installing it on top. Problem is that it hurts to sit on it, so I stayed with the recessed installation.  However to ease the cleaning and to let some water flow I installed spacers under the track. 
  • Not one of my screws was the same length.

it must be permanently sealed.  and yes the Fiberglas is of a varying thickness.

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Bob Schimmel
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