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Traveler car saga continues

After scouring numerous boat yards and many people, the conclusion was reached that the traveler car was probably a Ronstan. First guesses by many were Schaefer because of the metal cams but after closer examination and more debate, the consensus became Ronstan. So I called hold of a really great Aussie tech guy that had been around with Ronstan for quite some time. He informed me that 15-20 years ago, Ronstan did make such a traveler as I was describing and that they have not changed the dimensions of their I-beam track ever. My track is what they now refer to as the 19mm I-beam but I could see it listed on various sites as either 3/4 or 15/16 and he had even seen it called 1 inch! No wonder I've been confused........but wait, it gets harrier.
He told me today's equivalent of my car would be a RC61920 and I checked it out online at the site and it sure looks like it will work. So, then I went online shopping. Imagine my frustration when the only website I could google was in RUSSIAN!!!! None of the standard chandlery sites (APS, Layline, West Marine, Defender) were yielding results for such a Ronstan item either.
So, I called them back....and this time some gal told me to contact APS because she knew they carried it but probably used another number.....RF384.  Sure enough, checking their website with that number and Bingo, about $85 but backordered! So now I googled RF384 and found a few listings and had it for under $75 but there's a catch....minimum $75 order on Ronstan items. I added new end caps and ordered it.

Gene, I am going to tear into mine and see if I can "salvage" it now that I know there is a replacement. If I can't find sheaves to replace, I'll send it to you for your luck:). 

Thanks all,

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