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Ronstan Traveler

Check out Defender Clearance website. They have the Ronstan model RF331 traveler car in stock for $47. APS price is $82. This is a six wheel car (three on each side) as opposed to the two wheel car. This car does not have cam cleats on it. I am considering using this car in the continuous line configuration like Bob S. has detailed on the website (Thanks Bob). Ronstan also has a turning block (RF1400, $26.15) and a cam cleat (RF7061, $16.75) that mounts with the block at the end of the 19mm traveler; both are available at APS. So the whole thing would cost about $133, plus the cost of the control line; considerably cheaper than replacing the whole thing – track, traveler car, etc.  


Defender Clearance Outlet:


Annapolis Performance Sailing:




Warren Hughes

SJ-23, #495




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