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Re: Roller Furling

I always wanted a furling jenny on my SJ23, but it took moving "up" 
to a MacGregor 26 for me to realize the dream.  The Mac is a 
fractional rig, so its forestay is probably near the same length as the 
one on the SJ23 (or maybe even a little shorter) and the same 
hardware would probably work.  CDI has a website--I think it's a reasonable explanation of the hardware and 
PDF copies of the instruction manuals.  The specs will let you know 
which model(s) will work on the SJ23 if you know your forestay 

Gedonk came with a CDI Model FF2 that works like a charm.  
Larger rigs have a much more complicated hoisting arrangement 
than the CDI, which uses a dedicated internal halyard.  Just be 
careful to lash the furled sail to the mast (rather than the 
stanchions) while trailering, because the upper end of the PVC foil 
will take on a set that is a nuisance to get rid of.  (Sound like the 
voice of experience?)


On 6 Mar 2005 at 8:06, CapnDar@xxxxxx wrote:

Hello all -  Spring us upon us...anyone have experience with the CDI roller 
furling on an SJ 23?

Mike R
Obi Juan
Charlotte, NC

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