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Acid "wet test" for Maru Vahine'

I have had my new ('79) San Juan 23 #474 covered since buying her last fall.

Sunday was beautiful (58 degrees) so I decided to uncover and put on Rik's graphics, stripe the boat (80 ft. total 2" red), put on the OH numbers and hailing port.... then as we began the stripe part the wind started 15 mph w/gusts to 25. Not to worry; with the help of my son Sean we got the job done in 4 hours.

We left the boat uncovered and today: 1" rain in Loveland. So I just went out and checked.... only one leak at the mainsheet turning block on the stbd. cabin deck. Cleaned up the water and covered the block until I can re-bed.

My main concern was the notorious windows and the mainsheet track..... dry as a bone.

I give Maru Vahine' a 9.0 and now I can get a good nights sleep.

J. Carl Miller
Email: questgrp@xxxxxxx
Work: carl.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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