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Motor Mount Replacement

I need to upgrade from the original motor mount to a spring-assist due to now having a new 8-HP Nissan 4-stroke.
I really appreciate the feedback. Here is what I am going with and why:
Gene Adams: Thank you Gene. The boat has a pulley installed with small 1/4" line (both previous boats had this). On our first I went to larger blocks, larger diameter 3/8" line with a lawnmower start handle on the end. This really improved performance, but now I have a bad back and need the spring assist.
Rob/Linda: great, and I never even thought about the plate. After thinking it over, I will go with .250 aluminum so there are no rust issues (it will be strong enough). Thank you.
Bob Schimmel - my main resource. I failed to look at the motor Tech-Tips. If I had, I would not have sent the message in the first place. I have two motor mounts located. One from Strictly Sail is a spring assist model used on Catalina's with a white nylon motor mount pad. The second is a similar model at Hern Marine. The difference is the Hern mount has a wider set of bolt holes the same as you show in your tech tips. (also much easier on the pocketbook).
Now to go on a diet so I can do the job.
J. Carl Miller
Email: questgrp@xxxxxxx
Work: carl.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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