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Re: Roll Call

Well, I have used the highway dept scales to calculate that he SJ 23 is a
little over weight. The design weight is 2700 lbs.  Empty (no motor, no
gas, no stuff - on trailer) it weighs 4300 lbs -  take out the 1000 for
trailer and you have wonder my 3500 lb springs on the trailer
were squealing...another FYI -   discovered the Explorer (curb weight-fluds
but no people) is 4400  - so with a little stuff in it, I am at 9000 GCVW
(combined weight)which is close to the max for the Explorer....I am running
about 350 tongue weight, and it seems to tow ok.

Michael J. Robinson, SPHR
SJ 23 # 363,   SJ 21 #1694
Charlotte, NC

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