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RE: halyard lines

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David, I can relate my experience only. I now have my 3rd SJ23 and in each case I a) replaced the wire/rope halyard with b) 3/8" line. The reason for 3/8" is ease of handling, not strength; a line has to lay comfortably in my hand and the larger size is easier to work with. I don't need a thin line cutting into my hands.

And I second the comment to have Gene Adams do the work. Gene will be one of the better resources you can have if you own a San Juan.

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Can anyone shorten my research?  I need to replace the main halyard on my  SJ23.  Looking at the selection of lines on West Marine is mind boggling. Does anyone know what the standard diameter, kind, and length is needed for the main halyard?  What's a good price/foot?  Any online places to get it cheap?

Thanks much
David Backus

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