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try another one

To all that responded about the halyard lines - thanks!  Very useful
info. Thought I might try another one:

Ive got a handheld compass that has a 'tube like' handle.  A sleeve is
included with screws to mount it, so you can slide it into the sleeve,
and take it out again.  My SJ23 has a million drilled holes on the
inside and outside already, and I dont want to make any more.  So in
mounting this sleeve to the outside wall of the cuddy, what would be
the best compound, knowing that I might want to move the mount if there
is too much magnetic interference.  So it needs to hold, but be
removable with scarring. I have marine silicon, 5200, Silkaflex 291. Is
there another?

Also, once open, will a large tube of 5200 or silkaflex keep? 

David Backus

?The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude??

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