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Re: New Mainsail<

I am sending your message to work to get some real numbers. A main with one reef and a Cunningham is $798. I will get back to you next week when I get back from Victoria. I hear there is a race this weekend. No, I do not do Swiftsure anymore. I go to Sooke and get my race fix and make sure I am in time for the potluck.
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I am beginning to look for a new mainsail for my san Juan 23, mark II (tall rig/fin keel).  Can you give me an approximate estimate?  Do you have the specs on file, or would I need to do measurements?  I am thinking about 5 oz. dacron, two full battens at the top, and partial for the rest, with leech line, foot line, two rows of reef points, sail slugs to fit the 23 mast, and the SJ 23 design (but no numbers).

Thanks for your help.
Frank Langer

p.s.  I was able to install the new traveler car you sent me, without damaging the existing ends, and it works great!

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I have some good prices on Ullmann sails. I would have to check at work for a price. All the people who have bought sails from me have been very happy with them. You can contact me at 360 445 2814, or pgardnersj@xxxxxxx


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    Anybody got recommendations for a sailloft for a new main for a 23?

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