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Bimini for SJ23

Anyone have a good one? Where from, how is it set up,
and approximately what was the cost?

We had a canvas person over to Amarillo this weekend
and he was perplexed. Between the backstay, the
relatively low boom, the traveler, lifelines, and
winches it took him about an hour and a half of
measuring and headscratching to come up with the
design for a bimini. Very nice guy but I didn't end up
with a warm fuzzy, especially when he quoted me $1,100
for it.

Summer in Florida is hot and sunny and we'd love to
get some shade for us and our dogs. Any

DJ Nestrick
SJ-23 Amarillo
Daytona Beach, FL

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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