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Re: Mainsail--anybody in?


I am interested in a new main.  I would appreciate any pricing and spec info you could pass on.  I have bolt rope on both the luff and foot and like that setup.  I haven't decided on full versus partial batten.  I would like two reef points.  The heaviest dacron (6 oz?) would be preferred for longevity.  I would also like to have San Juan logo and my sail number if that is possible.

Doug Murray
Edmonton, Alberta

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From: Rudolph Mayer <chezhedgeo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2005 3:51 am
Subject: Mainsail--anybody in?

> I tried to catch up with Mark and Luann at Banks Sails this 
> weekend but
> without luck, as I figured. However, I'm reasonably sure I will be
> getting a new main from them very soon. 
> I will be happy to talk to them about their proposed discount and 
> if it
> matters if the sails are different (fully battened vs partial, 
> loose vs
> rope foot, etc).
> So who is interested and for what specs on a main?  I will go see them
> personally since they are only a short distance away.
> As Mike R. vouched for them, I can as well, not as a customer but as
> people and sailors and from hearing from a bunch of other satisfied
> customers and watching people race with Banks sails.
> Rudy
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