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a newbie question

Hey all,
First, I am NOT the sailor in our family- more the "bikini clad 'hood' ornament, "but
have a question about operating the boat.

We were enjoying a fabulous Thai supper last night with some sailing buddies and got to yakking about boats of course. We seen to have problems keeping our SJ23, "FlitterMouse" (cute little bat; we are cavers too) going where WE want it to go when it's really windy or white capping on the lake. Do y'all have the same problem?

It doesn't matter if the sails are up or down, we have a hard time controlling her when
it's really windy and wondered if the problem is:

A) the keel too small or configured in such a way to create this issue
B) the tiller is too small or again, configured in a way that causes this
C) the relatively high profile, but short length of the SJ23
D) total goober operator error

I'd appreciate any advice or problem solving from the more experienced on the listgroup!

Thanks & Good sailing!

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