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Re: a newbie question

> First, I am NOT the sailor in our family- more the
> "bikini clad 'hood' 
> ornament, "but
> have a question about operating the boat.

That's quite all right. We need more "bikini clad
'hood' ornaments" around here  :)

> got to yakking about boats of course. We seen to
> have problems keeping 
> our SJ23,
> "FlitterMouse" (cute little bat; we are cavers too)
> going where WE want 
> it to go when
> it's really windy or white capping on the lake. Do
> y'all have the same 
> problem?

Two years ago I was submitting my own newbie questions
and I still do sometimes. I occasionally had similar
problems trying to make our SJ-23 Amarillo go where we
wanted her. Mistakes I made: trying to motor with the
outboard in neutral (hey, the prop WAS spinning a
little), trying to steer with the rudder not
completely down.

After a bit of experience, my wife and I really don't
have much of a problem anymore as long as we are going
fast enough to generate steerage. In very light winds
there sometimes just isn't enough water going past the
rudder to steer well. We routinely sail and
occasionally motor with some pretty substantial
currents here in Daytona Beach.

So, just keep at it. Eventually everything will click.
Just think out what's going on and you'll start saying
"ah, that's why...."

DJ Nestrick
SJ-23 Amarillo
Daytona Beach, FL

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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