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Re: a newbie question

Hello bikini clad hood ornament:

When you are sailing in heavy weather, as you describe, it is best to reef the sails down to maintain control of the vessel.  The skipper can then concentrate on maintaining the course instead of fighting to maintain a reasonable heel.  If you want the vessel to point as high as possible, sail her with the turn of the transom slightly above the water.  Sometimes you have to add weight to the bow to lift the stern. You may have to move gear from the stern to the bow to accomplish this. However, this is where the bikini clad hood ornament can be very effective for keeping the skipper's eyes forward. Give him hell if he starts looking around. Sorry I just couldn't resist.
  • Flatten the sails to reduce heel.
  • Reef to maintain heel within 20 degrees.
  • Equalize the weight distribution to sail her level.

Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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