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Re: a newbie question

Thanks to everyone that posted a reply back to my question about
the problems we often have in rough waters. :o) Your advice is greatly

We sail on Lake Guntersville, Alabama (Tennessee River waterway), and
it can get a bit rough at times during our lovely southern storms. There is
a pretty stout current too. We have a good motor- brand new- and a two years
of sailing experience. We sail nearly every weekend we aren't underground or
viewing the sky through our telescopes.

Y'all cracked me up with your responses to my bikini clad hood ornament
comments! tee hee! :o) I'm not a lot of help on the boat though i do try to be. Mainly I get yelled at to do this or that with no idea what my hubby is talking about.
I'm just an archaeologist, not a sailor! :o)

Thanks again everyone!

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