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Re: a newbie question


Please excuse if this idea has already been covered as I have not been
keeping track of suggestions.  Make sure the propeller depth and tilt
angle of your brand new motor have been adjusted properly for the weight
of someone sitting in the boat operating it.  Ideally, the prop should be
vertical so as to push with the most efficiency.  However, if the prop is
vertical when the boat is empty, it will not be when the boat is loaded
with crew weight aft which will change the angle so the prop is trying to
push the stern up instead of forward in the most efficient manner.     

A discussion of how far under water the prop should be for best
efficiency, as well as how to tilt the motor so the prop is vertical,
should be covered in the owners manual.  Adjusting the tilt shouldn't be
complicated and should take only a few seconds.  

It's possible there's not enough "up tilt" adjustment allowed on the
motor for the prop to be vertical when the weight of crew is aft, which
would require the helmsman and/or crew moving forward to compensate.  If
this is the case, moving away from the motor just a few feet to the
forward end of the tiller will help.  Be sure the engine shaft is long
enough when the proper engine/propeller tilt is achieved.  

On the other hand, while motoring in heavy weather it may be necessary
for crew weight to be closer to the motor in order to keep the propeller
under water.

You are to be commended for not being too embarrassed to ask questions. 
Keep reading this list and you'll come to know what hubby is talking
about.  There was a time when each of us on this list knew less than you
do now.

And if necessary, ask hubby very politely and lovingly not to yell.  It's
good you are understanding about it because he may have to learn not to. 
Some sailors don't realize they yell.  However, unless one's voice is
being drowned out by the noise of a storm, with rare exception yelling
shouldn't be necessary or even allowed on a sailboat.

John in Idaho    

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