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Another boat for sale

Almost forgot to list Amarillo here....We are moving
up to a bigger boat. A SJ-23 is challenging to
overnight in with three kids and two dogs  :) 
Amarillo is in sail-away condition - we'll be going
out for the night this weekend weather permitting.
E-mail or call with any questions....

For Sale: 1978 San Juan 23 Sailboat. Outboard &
Trailer, Roller-furling jib, Centerboard, Draft 1?11?
- 4?9?, Two main sails, 125 & Working jib, Bottom
paint 2004, Hard dinghy, Ready to sail today!
$6,000/OBO, Contact: DJ Nestrick 386-527-1291

Daytona Beach, FL

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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