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RE: SJ23 dacron lift line


Whats wrong with stainless steel cable? Twenty years is not too bad. If you use SS then it should out last your ownership of the boat. I have not actually tried to use dacron for the centerboard lift, but I would avoid it.  Dacron is strechy.  If you really hate cable then try one of the aramid fibres.  I have used Vectran in place of cable for backstays.  It is lighter and has virtually no stretch.  Its has survived the desert sun for years now. Its not too good on the fingers. but you should not be handling it often.  It needs to have no poly sheath. Use it straight up. UV is not a factor in this application. You might have to make sure the thread is capable as the line if it is being spliced. The manafacturer says it is stable for salt water but I have not tried soaking it for years at a time. Carbon might be OK except if dosent like being kinked. Layline sells it in thier catalog.


>QUESTION - How long you have been using line (not cable) and what,
>if any, your routine maintenance procedure is to monitor it is?

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