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Re: about to buy a 23 ???

ScorpionGlass@xxxxxxx wrote:
hello all -- i'm n8 (nate)

is this a good open water / ocean  sailboat ... i realize it is a bit small for blue water but what kind of waves can this boat handle ??i want to take it from the Deleware bay to Florida and across to the Dominican republic ... i am getting rid of my 22' Douglas and McLeod (which was designed for one man blue water sailing but is in really bad shape)  to buy it and really want to know if i'm doing the right thing ...
thanx  n8

ps  if i do get it i say thanx for this group i will definetly be part of

I am sure you would have no problem using the inland passage but I would defer to skippers from the southeast area as to passage to offshore countries. I don't think you would get me in the Carri bean in any kind of boat in hurricane season. I have sailed the San Juan and Gulf Islands north on the sunshine coast to Desolation Sound but I don't think I would circumnavigate Vancouver Island in the SJ23. But look at all the sailors who have sailed fro England and France in much smaller boats.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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