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Re: about to buy a 23 ???

Having done a little investigation into what makes a blue water boat a
blue water boat, I can say that the SJ23 is NOT a blue water boat
unless MAJOR upgrades are performed, and even then your still on thin
ice. The basic design of not being a full keel boat is for starters.
Look at how the rudder is attached - maybe a handfull of small #8
screws? Cockpit is deep (ie will hold water), and drainage not near
quick enough. The standard standing rigging of 1/8" and would need
beefer multiples.  Any serious weather would pose a problem I would

Not knocking the SJ23 - was just out over the weekend in the Pamlico
SOund (NC), handling 25knt winds and 2-4 ft waves.  Did fine under
reefed main, but rather flat bottom means beating is rough.  Check out
the links below if your serious about knowing what makes a blue water
cruiser..   entertaining reading too ;-)

The FLicka 20 is a good example of a 20 ft Blue Water boat.

--- ScorpionGlass@xxxxxxx wrote:

> hello all -- i'm n8 (nate)
> is this a good open water / ocean  sailboat ... i realize it is a bit
> small for blue water but what kind of waves can this boat handle ??i
> want to take it 
> from the Deleware bay to Florida and across to the Dominican republic
> ... i am 
> getting rid of my 22' Douglas and McLeod (which was designed for one
> man blue 
> water sailing but is in really bad shape)  to buy it and really want
> to know 
> if i'm doing the right thing ... 
> thanx  n8
> ps  if i do get it i say thanx for this group i will definetly be
> part of 

?The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude??

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