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Its all quiet

Having not seen a post in months, I thought I would put out the
following question:  Has anyone had much luck getting their SJ23 to
self tend the tiller on any point of sail?  I have a Tiller tender, and
futzed with the thing trying to get it to balance the helm, and havnt
had much luck accept for one time: light winds, beam reach, main only,
sailed for an hour!!  Wasnt going to win any races, but oscillated
nicely between reaching, and slightly heading up.. was wonderful. 

With both sails (main & 110 or 153)it just wont hold still..     

I can hove to, with the main only, but it tends to keep the beam to the
waves, so lots of rolling..  someone told me if you back sheeted the
head sail, lashed the tiller leward, it would keep pointing more
windward.. havnt tried it

?The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude??

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