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RE: Deck thickness on San Juan 23

Going from memory when I re-bedded my chainplates about a year ago, I
think it was about 1/2" (i.e. a half inch) thick.  You will want to be
careful not to have the screw go into the top layer of fibreglass in
such a way that it might crack/split it--ie. maybe pre-drill a hole
carefully, ensuring you don't drill further than you need to get the
screw to hold properly.
Good luck!

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Subject: Deck thickness on San Juan 23

Does anyone know the thickness of the deck in the area around the chain
plates?  The reason that I'm asking is that I want to install a radio/CD
player in this area and hang it from the roof of the cabin just over the
port seatee.  I have a case for the radio that I plan to screw into
place, but I don't want the screws to go pop out through the deck.

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