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Re: Spinnaker blocks

I put my spinnaker blocks on the toe rail and in a 15 knot wind have had no problem. We did reseat all the nuts and bolts before we did this as we weren't sure if any rot had occured in the deck under the fiberglass,course if there was any it probably wouldn't have helped.

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Subject: Spinnaker blocks


I live in Brisbane Australia and own a Fleetwing 25, which is a San Juan
23 with a tapered stern of 2 foot manufactured in New Zealand after the
SJ23 stopped production.  Exactly the same boat, but powered by an
outboard in a centre well in the cockpit!

My question is whether I can put spinnaker blocks attached through the
slots in toe rail aft of the jib sheet winches in the cockpit. Some
people have suggested to me that the loads put on the toe rail from the
spinnaker in full flight could rip the toe rail out!

Could this be true or is the toe rail able to stand the force.   If not,
what spinnaker sheet set-up do other people use.


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