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Re: Deck thickness on San Juan 23

The deck is about an inch thick in most places. There is a fiberglass inner
liner that is about 1/4" thick and a 3/8" thick balsa core between the inner
liner and the deck. Anything you hang should not go far into the balsa core.
I hung a lantern from a n eye strap that I epoxyed to the overhead and it
held fine. Sand the area where the strap is to go, and put a generous dab of
epoxy on the strap so it comes trough the screw holes, and tape it up until
the epoxy dries. you should be able to hang light loads from the strap with
no problems.
Gene Adams
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Subject: Deck thickness on San Juan 23

> Does anyone know the thickness of the deck in the area around the chain
> plates?  The reason that I'm asking is that I want to install a radio/CD
> player in this area and hang it from the roof of the cabin just over the
> port seatee.  I have a case for the radio that I plan to screw into place,
> but I don't want the screws to go pop out through the deck.
> Thanks,
> Jim
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