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Re: Spinnaker blocks

If your toe rail is trough bolted as are the San Juan 23's there should be
no problem with attaching spinnaker blocks to the rail.
Gene Adams
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Subject: Spinnaker blocks

> Hello
> I live in Brisbane Australia and own a Fleetwing 25, which is a San Juan
> 23 with a tapered stern of 2 foot manufactured in New Zealand after the
> SJ23 stopped production.  Exactly the same boat, but powered by an
> outboard in a centre well in the cockpit!
> My question is whether I can put spinnaker blocks attached through the
> slots in toe rail aft of the jib sheet winches in the cockpit. Some
> people have suggested to me that the loads put on the toe rail from the
> spinnaker in full flight could rip the toe rail out!
> Could this be true or is the toe rail able to stand the force.   If not,
> what spinnaker sheet set-up do other people use.
> Thanks
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