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Re: Leaking Forward Hatch

Hi Bob:

I have my hatch out at the moment to do some repairs and I will replace the old seal with a new one I bought from Gene.  On removing my hatch I noticed that the hinge side of the seal was compressed almost flat to the deck and the forward end of the seal stood up to full height.  I usually tighten the latches to just snug but I am contemplating installing spacers under the hull side of the hinges so the acrylic lies flat on the seal. My seal has some cracks through it at the corners but the hatch has never leaked.

Other than sanitizing the deck prior to installing the new gasket about the only other problem you might have is leaking screw holes; either through the deck or through the hatch.  Try dumping a bucket of water on the hatch or run a garden house without the nozzle over it.  The leak should reveal itself fairly quickly.  By the way, you should install the new seal with nice round corners

Hope this helps.

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


Bob Nolen wrote:
Anybody have any tricks that have worked to replace worn gastkets around the original forward hatch?  Mine is leaking around the aft corners - and has provided endless hours of entertainment trying to find the source of the dripping.

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