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Re: Needed: cables and fittings


You can find rigging specifications in Tech Tip H02, Gene will sell you a new forestay ready made up. Not sure what you mean about sheaths for main & jib cables. Sounds like mainsheet traveller considering your suggestion of using little wheels. These wheels are not strong enough for a traveller. Hope this helps.


Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


Nancy wrote:

My friend and I are the new (and I might add proud) owners of an SJ23 1977
model. The only way we obtained this jewel was by pulling her off a sand bar
at the State park here in Pensacola, Florida. Unfortunately, there were many
items stripped off and some that have to be replaced. I am hoping I can find
someone who can help me obtain a Forestay. I have talked with some local
marine dealers re: new cable, but find they have to send any sets up to some
place in New York to have the turnbuckles applied. I also do not have the
measurements of the stays or at least cannot locate them on the SJ23 web
site. Any and all help welcomed and thanks to all out there who continue to
own this exciting boat. PS: I also need to find the sheaths for the main and
jib cables as they have to also be replaced. Friend is thinking of using the
rollers off sliding glass doors which have bearings inside the center metal
portion. Any ideas if this is safe?

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