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Re: TEAK/WOOD/TREX cockpit grate?

Interesting that you should send this note. I have been thinking of changing my grid to cedar but I like your idea of using Trex. I wonder how hot it would be under foot and if it would be slippery when wet. You can cut the notches with a router. I haven't yet figured out how to line up the slats so it fits the shaped cockpit sole as I have too many other projects on the go right now to consider doing this one. Let me know how you make out though. Why let good R&D go to waste huh?

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


Rick Bensyl wrote:
Hi everyone- I recently purchased a San Juan 23 in the last six months and really enjoy the boat and the website. After reviewing Bob Schimels' tech tips and seeing his cockpit grate made in vinyl, I would like one also.
I priced the "do it yourself" teak grate materials at West marine and it looks like it would cost over $500. You can have a custom one made by "Thai teak Industries" and have it shipped to the US  for around $350, but I would really like to do this on a shoestring budget.

Has anyone tried doing this yourself? I am looking into building it out of the Trex composite deck materials sold at Home Depot/Lowes, but am not sure how one would cut all the notches needed into the composite material.

Ideas or suggestions anyone? THANKS!

R. Bensyl SJ 23 - First Wave Atlanta, GA USA
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