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On this page are some pics of Thesaurus. You can see the double windows. Each window consists of three sections...fixed on each side and the center section opens.  They appear to be original....and they don't leak.

And here is an interior shot showing the windows...


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>I'm sure Bob will also ask this question, but do you have pictures of the windows?  Do you know if they are original or have they possibly been replaced?
>Hull number of 668 is an impressively high number of boats of one issue for a relatively small manufacturer like Clark.  I know that they didn't produce the later boats but the large number of examples is a trubute to the popularity of the design, and as most of us know the sailing capabilities of the design.
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>Subject: Sail number
>> 1986 model, sail number 668 (matches hull)......and it may be 
>> going up for sale if anyone is interested.
>> Thesaurus also has unique cabin windows arrangement that I've not 
>> seen on other SJ 23... double opening windows, both large.
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