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Re: replacing the companionway drop boards

Try Tech Tip B08,
Lots of info to answer your questions.

I abandoned the idea of buying a new section of smoked acrylic because it would cost me $600 for the entire sheet. Then to add insult to injury they told me I would have to wait several months for the sheet to come in as part of another shipment or pay for 6 sheets to make up a shipment. Nice folk huh? Reason? Smoked acrylic was very popular and inexpensive back in the 1970s as everybody was using it. Not the case today. Simply an issue of supply and demand. When I replace my hatch it will be 1/2" Lexan e/w MR10 coating. That will cost me only $45 for (2x2)'. I will block the sun with a screen.

Good Luck


Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


Travis Burrell wrote:

I’d thought I’d seen a tech tip about this, but haven’t been able to find it again on the site. Looking to do something with smoked lexan. Any pointers?

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