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Re: replacing the companionway drop boards

I have looked into making Plexiglas hatchboards and found it over priced. I  have an answer that works very well and that is to use plywood hatches when the boat is moored. When under way I have a Sunbrella cover with a window in the upper half. There is a batten under the window all the way across the opening. The bottom has a pocket with three full lengths of pencil lead to hold it down. We  can cruise with the hatches out and the cover in place. The cabin stays warm and dry and a  person below can see into the cockpit. This cuts the time for the person below to less than a half hour if the person on deck goes overboard.
Gene Adams
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Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 11:32 AM
Subject: replacing the companionway drop boards

I?d thought I?d seen a tech tip about this, but haven?t been able to find it again on the site.  Looking to do something with smoked lexan.  Any pointers?




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